July 12, WAZZUB Webinar Recap (VIDEO)

In case you weren’t able to make it on WAZZUB’s latest Webinar, here’s the video + recap:


The programmers have been working hard on the following PI additions:

New Deals: choose from an even larger array of goods, including suits, shoes, sunglasses, watches, fragrances, and much more! Get up to 80% discount and FREE shipping worldwide!

New Games: includes World of Warcraft, Grand Fantasia, etc.

If you’re familiar with Prize Mania, you’ll notice the Jackpot is now valued at over $1000! Pretty cool, huh? 🙂


New WAZZUB Reflink: you can now invite people with your personal WAZZUB Community reflink. To grab it, simply go to “My Profile” and look for your customized URLs.