July 19, 2012 WAZZUB Webinar Recap (VIDEO)

Gee DaCosta was absent on this particular webinar, so the presentation was held by Suresh Kumar.



Prize Mania is eager to give away its prizes, but for that we’ll need to be more active. Make sure you check the site out every hour, and click on the blue buttons to see if you’re a winner.

– Suresh introduces us to the “deal” system on idealsmarter.com.

How does it work? No money required to deal + the price keeps going down every minute. At the end of the day, it all depends on who wants it bad enough! Whoever picks it first gets it.

– The change in colour corresponds to a change in price:

Below 20% = featured item becomes yellow.

Below 30% = becomes orange.

Below 40% = red.

Below 50% = the screen starts flashing.

– Once somebody clicks the “deal” button it’s game over.

– The person who pushes the button is then required to pay for it. The item can either be paid for in cash or with deal points (to be confirmed).

– Only family-oriented products will be featured (no adult products, drugs, etc.).

– Stay tuned for next week’s general webinar as EVEN more good news will be revealed…