URGENT (Please Read): New Timeline Effective from May 1, 2012

If you were able to attend last night’s webinar (May 1, 2012), you already know that WAZZUB’s aims and objectives have somewhat been delayed. Without further ado, here’s the article in full:


In a Nutshell…

Here’s the New Timeline:

May 1-May 21 = Extra time to build your $FACTOR (for Pre-Launch Members Only).

May 16 = New Sign Up & Login at:

May 22-May 31 = Time to Update Your Profile (Pre-Launch Members Only).

June 1-June 14 = February & March Winners + Overall Winner (going to Las Vegas) Revealed.

June 15 = 1st Pay Day for Pre-Launch Members.

July 15 + Every Month Thereafter on the 15 th = Pay Day for All Pre-Launch Members.

July 31 = BETA Launch of the Perfectinter.net Ends.

August 1 = Final Launch.