DealFACTOR Now Frozen

If you recently noticed your DealFACTOR had “disappeared”…don’t PANIC, it’s absolutely normal! 🙂

What Happened to It?

Your DealFACTOR  is now frozen and it’s all about DealPOINTS from this point on!  Now for every member that joins you from one of your reflinks you will receive +5 DealPOINTS! So continue to invite new members to join you in your Perfect Internet and gather some DealPOINTS.

How to Find Your Frozen DealFACTOR

To find your frozen DealFACTOR simply log into your Perfect Internet, then click on the “My Points” tab.

You should have two featured numbers from now on: your frozen DealFACTOR and your DealPOINTS.

NB: This only applies to people who joined the Perfect Internet before August 20, 2012! Those who registered afterwards only have DealPOINTS.