Lotto Madness Unveiled – We Play – You Win

Short webinar recap (November 29, 2012)

Awesome and fantastic news tonight!!!

We heard a letter from Dan who is feeling better, yet still has a long way to go before he is back to normal. PI has been keeping their promises; it is the timetable that has been hard to keep. This is due to 3 main factors as Dan shared with us tonight in his letter.

1. We had millions of sign ups in a relatively short amount of time.

2. We had a huge number of cheaters who tried to beat the system and get money for nothing.

3. We had challenges with some programmers and developers delivering codes that were missing important functions and full of bugs.

We understand that it has been tough for some people to keep having patience while we handled these challenges and we do appreciate all of you. Dan shared with us that because we are around the holidays and PI loves and appreciates all their members they have awarded all 312,000 registered members 100 DealPOINTs for the holidays! These are free for you with no obligations. A big thank you to everyone who has been supportive and patient this last year!

To top that off, this weekend, starting Thursday November 29 and running through Sunday December 2 2012, we have a MEGA Deal Event in IdealSmarter to celebrate where you can find the best deals on so many valuable items!! All prices on IDS during this event will be starting at 50% off and everything purchased this weekend will be shipped on Monday December 3rd or Tuesday December 4th so it will arrive just in time for the holidays!!

Remember to use your DealPOINTs when you shop, just click the Deal button on what you want to purchase and there is a little check box to select if you want to use your DealPOINTs for that order. Remember that as well as you are shopping on IDS.

When you see something that you like and the price is right, be sure to click the Deal button and buy it right away before the price is right for someone else too. Some products are of limited quantity and once they are gone, we are not sure when or if they will be back in stock.

In addition, you can create your own mini IDS pages by using the MY List feature and then it is even easier for you to keep track of the great deals that interest you. Shopping has never been so much fun!

Gee has been very busy and so has not had the time to respond to everyone who messages him in a timely manner. He will respond to you as soon as he can, and he wants to remind everyone that if you have an immediate concern you can always speak to your CM or any Support person and they can help you just as much as Gee can. If there is anything that needs Gee’s attention right away, they will get the message to him. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

The webinar we had tonight is the last major announcement webinar of 2012. There will still be progress being made for the month of December, so it is important for you to continue to read the PI News every day to stay up to date.

Our next Special Major Announcement webinar will be held on January 10, 2013. Mark your calendars as this is the webinar you have all been waiting for and you will certainly want to make sure you can attend that night!

Mailaxy update:

Every registered member of PI can now sign up for their very own Mailaxy email address. You can now see Mailaxy integrated into your PI homepage and you can go to My eMails to create your account. If you are unsure of how to create your account, see our Mailaxy Tutorials Blog at:

Once the full recap of this webinar is finished there will be an email sent to all 312,000 registered and verified members about Mailaxy, and the link to the webinar recap will also be included in this email.

In January, after our Special Announcement webinar on the 10th, there will also be another email going out to all 6 million + emails who signed up with us telling them about Mailaxy. Therefore, those of you who are here now have this month to create your email and select the name you desire first!

Remember Mailaxy is our SPAM-free email service that protects your privacy and never shows you ads! How many other free email services do this? None! PI is the only one out there who is consistently thinking about our members’ privacy and keeping it secure.

Something you should know about the products you are finding on IDS, especially the jewelry, they are some very high quality items. Gee has reports of people taking the jewelry to appraisers to see just how valuable of a deal they received and the appraisers have been impressed! Check for yourself and see.

Now our very special and exciting news for the night!!! The birth of our newest PI Star Lotto Madness! Check out our brand new video to see an idea of what it is about:

Lotto Madness, where we play and you win! Always free just by being a member of PI.

Here is how it works:

Every month PI will play $500 in lotto tickets for 6 major lotteries around the world. As a PI Member, all you have to do is register to be included in the PI drawing if PI wins.

You have 10 chances to enter each week and since we have 6 lotteries to choose from that means you can enter all 6 for one drawing and 4 for the second or split up your entries any way you choose. Most if not all the lotteries have 2 drawings each week. Check the Lotto Madness page for specific days for each lottery.

To Enter:

Go to your homepage and you will see the link for Lotto Madness in the middle near the bottom…click that…then you select “We Play, You Win” and simply register for the drawing on that page, and you can play for free. You do not choose your numbers for the free entries, but there is a Welcome Deal going on right now, if you do want to play your own numbers.

Repeat this process for each lottery you want to enter. For each lottery you want to enter, you need to select “Register for Free”…this is on the bottom right of each lotto page…then just keep track of the days of the drawings and check back within 72 hours of the drawing to see if you are on the winners list. You can simplify this by just checking every day to see if you are on the Winners List. You can play all 6 lotteries or choose the ones you want to play.

Right above the “Register For Free” button on each lottery page is the Lotto Terms.

Alternatively, you can click this link.

How cool is that? 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😉