DealPOINTS Now LIVE in Our System

Now for some really great and exciting news!!! DealPOINTS are now live in our system (those earned from August 1 and beyond)!

One of our top programmers is right now uploading everyone’s Deal FACTORs into the system. Once the PIAF is finished with their task of deleting the cheaters we will be able to flip the switch and our DealFACTORs will be live and ready to use.

In the meantime for everyone who has been inviting members from our launch point in August, when we began earning 5 points per member, for those of you who took advantage of this, you can now go to IdealSmarter and spend your points on all of our great items! When you purchase an item the system will automatically deduct the appropriate amount of DealPOINTs.

DealPOINTs will cover shipping and the system fee so if you have enough deal points you can shop totally for FREE!

The value of one DealPOINT is fixed at $.01(one cent). Now, with our Success Sharing Phenomenon, as we grow more profitable and successful, the number of DealPOINTs we earn per member we invite can increase. So instead of earning only 5 DealPOINTs, we could be earning even more once we are more successful.

That’s it for today…talk soon! 😉

October 11, 2012 Webinar Recap

Short General Webinar Recap (October 11, 2012)

Quick News tonight. We had some technical difficulties, and as always, we appreciate everyone’s patience and support when these things happen.

OK, first update is MAILAXY. We had hoped to start the testing today (read Thursday). The programmers want a little more time to get the platform just right for all of us. So we should be able to start testing over the weekend. You will get an update in your email that you registered with for testing  and of course it will be posted in the PI News.

For those of you who are testers, and even if you are not and plan to choose a new email address with MAILAXY, make sure you have your name all picked out. Take this time now to think of a name you have always wanted to use, something creative, something just right for you. We are the pioneers with this email platform and the sky is the limit for us.

Now the next update is madvertising. Again the programmers want to adjust a few more things before it is opened up. We have already started creating ad spots around PI and will be testing the display of these ads for a couple days. As soon as they give us the green light, we will begin accepting advertisers and begin displaying ads on the websites of our publishing partners.

Remember, unlike Google who only pays once a month, with madvertising you are paid twice each month.  We also have better commission rates than Google. If you do not know much about madvertising, you can read all about it by going to My Links and click on madvertising. This is a global opportunity and is open to everyone, even if you are not a member of PI.

SoDealicious and IbookSmarter will be opening soon. The programmers want it to be just right for all of us so they still need a bit of time. We have enough business partners to open it up, we are just waiting on some adjustments to the platform itself.

Please read the PI News every day to keep up to date on all our improvements and news.

One more important piece of information. For any of our members who have been with us for a long time, if you cannot log into your old back office at, or you see people you have invited that have become unverified, please follow the instructions below to contact the PIAF (PI Anti-fraud). This is happening due to a script we are running right now and is automatic based on set parameters.

If for any unforeseen reasons your back office account has been unverified please contact PIAF (PI Anti-fraud) at; effective 15th Oct, 2012 and the doors will stay open till 16th Nov, 2012.

Please also provide both email addresses if your PI & WAZZUB Community accounts are registered with different emails.

Please provide your REF ID & your WAZZUB Community Profile URL to speed up the process of resolving any issues.

Thank you,

Your PIAF Team

There have been several improvements to IdealSmarter and our Homepage in the last couple days. If you go there now you will see several new features.

The first thing you might notice is the page numbers are gone from the bottom of the page. Now you can scroll through the pages using the Blue arrows to the left and right near the middle of the page. You can always see what page you are on by looking at the address bar.

Now the next thing you should know is the Deal of the Day is always the first deal on the upper left.  You will also see the Deal of the Day right on your homepage above your video box.

When you click on the green information button on each deal, you will also see a blue button you can now click on to add a specific deal to your Wish List. You can have your own page of your favorite deals by adding them to your ‘My List’. You can find the ‘My List’ near the top where it says “IdealSmarter” between My Deals and the About and FAQ buttons at the top.

Also in case you did not know, when you order from IDS you can see what you have ordered as well as some other information by clicking on My Deals on the IDS page.

That is all for now. Keep checking and reading your PI News every day.

Have a great week end everyone. Thank you all for being with us. 😉

August 16 General Webinar (VIDEO)


Quick Summary

– Most significant is idealsmarter‘s imminent launch (it’s only a matter of days before the site goes live).

How will it work?

– I Deal Smarter is the next level of shopping and couponing.

– Prices drop 1% every minute until someone claims the prize (by clicking on the “deal” button).

– Each discount level is represented by a distinctive colour: (0-19% = green; 20-29% = yellow; 30-39% = orange; 40-49% = red; 50% + = flashy red).

– On another level, please note that you now have until Sunday, August 19, 2012 to grow your DealFACTOR (after which it will be frozen forever; no more extensions allowed). In other words, this is your VERY LAST chance to collect even more points. Make the most of it! 😉

Have a fab weekend! 🙂


July 19, 2012 WAZZUB Webinar Recap (VIDEO)

Gee DaCosta was absent on this particular webinar, so the presentation was held by Suresh Kumar.



Prize Mania is eager to give away its prizes, but for that we’ll need to be more active. Make sure you check the site out every hour, and click on the blue buttons to see if you’re a winner.

– Suresh introduces us to the “deal” system on

How does it work? No money required to deal + the price keeps going down every minute. At the end of the day, it all depends on who wants it bad enough! Whoever picks it first gets it.

– The change in colour corresponds to a change in price:

Below 20% = featured item becomes yellow.

Below 30% = becomes orange.

Below 40% = red.

Below 50% = the screen starts flashing.

– Once somebody clicks the “deal” button it’s game over.

– The person who pushes the button is then required to pay for it. The item can either be paid for in cash or with deal points (to be confirmed).

– Only family-oriented products will be featured (no adult products, drugs, etc.).

– Stay tuned for next week’s general webinar as EVEN more good news will be revealed…

Welcome to PI’s NEW Galaxy of Stars

In case you still don’t know what the Perfect Internet is all about, here’s a recap of some of the website’s main attractions (and soon to be galaxy stars):

1. WAZZUB – The Perfect Internet’s very own social media website!

2. Prize Mania – Free money, free smartphones, free digital cameras, free EVERYTHING!

3. So Dealicious – Save up to 99% in restaurants, cafes and bars around the world!

4. IBetULose – Bet a dime to get a $million!

5. IBookSmarter – Save up to 99% on hotel rooms!

6. IDealSmarter – The next level of shopping and couponing!

7. EEBoox – Learn – Use – Succeed.