How to Get Neo3do’s Exclusive PI 3D Tab – Unique Opportunity

Here’s your chance to get PI’s exclusive 3D tablet.

Take part in PI’s newest success story and join its Crowd Funding Program to finance the development of the PI 3D Tab. For the first time ever users will be able to enjoy the PERFECT APP, the PERFECT INTERNET and the PERFECT PAGES in 3D without wearing special glasses.

Powered by NEO3DO, the world leader in high end 3D mobile devices, PI will launch an exclusive 3D Tab that is manufactured especially for PI Members.

How to $$$ Your Perfect App in 5 Easy Steps

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Welcome to the Perfect App

welcome to the perfect appTruly Global. Truly Free. Truly Unlimited. Truly Perfect.

The PERFECT APP will bring all the functions of the PERFECT INTERNET on mobile phones, plus much, much more features to find the best local deals and services.

NB: If you’re already a member of the Perfect Internet you do not need to pre-register.

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