Introducing the SSP and the “” (April 11, 2012 Webinar)

If you weren’t able to make it yesterday, here’s the latest webinar recording (from April 11, 2012):

Webinar Highlights

Phase 2, the Success Sharing Phenomenon (SSP), is almost on its way. Here’s what to expect from the ““:

– On the “”, you’ll find yourself on the perfect homepage.

– It is “perfect” because for the first time in history, it is up to YOU to decide what YOU want to see on your personalized homepage. The homepage will consist of 7 boxes:

1. Top Box = for the main menu and our powerful search engine.

2. News Box = to display the latest news from YOUR favorite news sources.

3. Deals Box = full of your favorite deals or products you’re interested in.

4. WAZZUB Box = your new communication tool (email, video + audio chat, etc.).

5. Games Box = for the skills games you like most.

6. Video Box = keeps you up to date on your favorite video topics.

7. Links Box = for links that redirect to pages of special interest to you.

NB: The page will be very basic at first, but it will improve drastically over time. Remember this is only BETA launch we’re talking about (Official Launch is on July 1, 2012). At the end of the day, it is also OUR responsibility to make sure it becomes THE PERFECT INTERNET (according to what WE want to see)!

– All members who join the SSP will be making DEAL POINTS. 1 person recruited = 1 DEAL FACTOR. The system works 5 generations deep (as with the PSP), which means that the people under you who also recruit members all participate in growing your DEAL FACTOR.

– One of WAZZUB’s main policies is that it will ALWAYS respect and protect your privacy. In fact, none of your private data (other than your name + email address) will be stored on WAZZUB’s servers, nor will it be shared with third parties.

– WAZZUB’s next goal is to reach 100 million members by the end of December 2012! 😉