June 28, 2012 General WAZZUB Webinar Recap (VIDEO)

Gee DaCosta introduces us one of our future stars in our PI Galaxy: sodealicio.us.

Extract 1: “We have a patent pending on a special algorithm for online shops that allows us to give up to 99% discount on everything that we sell on our pages. We will have the best deals on the Internet – guaranteed! On the other side – businesses who offer products on our pages will raise their revenue by up to 60% and more.”

How is this possible? Deal button system.

Extract 2: “There is only one coupon available at a time and only the first user who is pushing the deal button will get the coupon. The timer will show in how many seconds the price will drop. Let us say the price for our restaurant coupon drops at $1 per minute, so after 1 minute the new price would be $39, another minute later $38, 37, 36, 35 and so on…”

Listen to the whole webinar recording (above) for more details. Enjoy! 😉