Latest News (September 27, 2012 Webinar Recap)

Thanks to Cate for her wonderful summary, as always! πŸ™‚

Great and exciting news for everyone tonight!

We understand that some members could not purchase the deals they wanted during our last MEGA Deal Event. So because PI is all about the members, we have decided to have a 3 day MEGA Deal Event starting tomorrow at 8 am USA PST! The MEGA Deal Event will go from Friday September 28 at 8 am USA PST until Sunday September 30 at 6 pm USA PST!!! Just like our other MEGA Deal Events you will only pay $15 for shipping! The extra shipping charges will be refunded on Sunday evening by PI.

We have also started our new Deal of the Day special. Yesterday we kicked it off with a smartphone that normally retails for $120 – $200, as our Deal of the Day we started the price at just over $60 and before the time was over it was sold out.

Today’s Deal of the Day is a cool futuristic watch that normally retails for $50 in some places and as part of our Deal of the Day the price is starting at around $12! The Deal of the Day is always the very first block on the IdealSmarter page. If you do not see the deal try refreshing the page. Based on what we are seeing though, this deal might sell out before time is over too, so do not wait too long if you are interested in this cool futuristic watch. You can read more about it in the PI News.

Just another way PI is all about the members, you can go to the community and vote for the future Deals of the Day you like best! Go to the community and vote for your favorite Deal of the Day!

Now as we said previously we would have more information for people who are new to IdealSmarter about the color codes on the page. We are happy to tell you that if you go to the FAQ page on IdealSmarter you will now see the color codes listed in there with explanations of what they mean.

Our PRIZE MANIA Jackpot is now over $3,500!!! PI wants to give this money to you, but we need more people to be clicking on it. Tell your friends and family, have your children click on it while you are at work or away. Remember this is your own FREE lottery here at PI just for being a member! Take advantage of it and remember to click and claim your prize every hour!

Now for the last bit of really exciting news, MAILAXY is going to be launching in the next few days and is now going into a testing stage! During the webinar it was announced the testing was opening up to the 100 + people in attendance and within 10 minutes of the webinar being over the 200 testing spots were already taken.

For all of you who missed the opportunity to join our MAILAXY testing team, do not fret. Our MAILAXY site will be up and running for everyone to create their own email addresses very soon. So take this time now and think of what you want as your new email address!

Have a great weekend everyone, and remember to read the PI News every day and check out our special 3 day MEGA Deal Event going on from Friday to Sunday at IdealSmarter! πŸ˜‰

Welcome to PI’s NEW Galaxy of Stars

In case you still don’t know what the Perfect Internet is all about, here’s a recap of some of the website’s main attractions (and soon to be galaxy stars):

1. WAZZUB – The Perfect Internet’s very own social media website!

2. Prize Mania – Free money, free smartphones, free digital cameras, free EVERYTHING!

3. So Dealicious – Save up to 99% in restaurants, cafes and bars around the world!

4. IBetULose – Bet a dime to get a $million!

5. IBookSmarter – Save up to 99% on hotel rooms!

6. IDealSmarter – The next level of shopping and couponing!

7. EEBoox – Learn – Use – Succeed.

Gee DaCosta Introduces PI’s Brand NEW Prize Mania (June 13, 2012 WAZZUB Webinar)

In WAZZUB’s latest webinar (June 13, 2012), Gee DaCosta introduces 3 major improvements:

1. Integrated Web Search. The search bar has been greatly enhanced lately, and thanks toΒ ixquick you can now enjoy even safer web browsing, no cookies or personal info shared, and the very best search results by the very best internet search engines combined (* star rating system).

2. Customizable RSS Feeds. Enter your very own RSS feeds on the Perfect Internet page. Here’s how to do it:

– Go to the Perfect Internet and click on LOG IN.

– Go to “My Profile” and enter up to 3 RSS Feeds you like best.

– When you’re done, click on the SAVE button.

3. Prize Mania Game. This is perhaps the most incredible new feature! πŸ™‚ Simply join, play and win.

Every 15 minutes a new winner is drawn for one of the 4 categories (Jackpot, Camera, Surprise, Smartphone).

Each winner has 1 hour to click on the ‘Click Here To Find Out‘ button to claim his/her prize.

If the current winner fails to claim his/her prize within one hour it is expired and a new winner will be randomly drawn by the system.