BREAKING: Perfect Internet turns into a magical “Unicorn”

As we approach our very much anticipated IPO (Initial Public Offer), the PERFECT INTERNET is gearing up for success! And this success calls for new values and a brand new name that unites all current projects from our PI galaxy: the Unicorn Network (click here for more info, or consult the latest webinar recaps).

Due to these major changes in the company structure, all current PI/WESHARESUCCESS/BOBL members are required to SIGN IN to the Unicorn website.

Here’s how to get things started…

Step 1: Go to the Unicorn Network and click on “ENTER THE WORLD OF THE UNICORN”.

Step 2: Click on the SIGN IN button at the top right corner of your screen (do not click the “JOIN NOW” button as you already are Unicorn members; all you need to do is activate your membership).

Step 3: Select your way to sign in using either your PI/WESHARESUCCESS/BOBL credentials.

NB: The Facebook and Google buttons are only for new members who choose to create Unicorn accounts using those service credentials. The buttons are disabled for now anyway so you can actually ignore them.

In the following example, we chose the PI button option. Click the GO button when you are done!

Step 4: Choose your preferred username. This username will be used for ALL Unicorn network pages (WESHARESUCCESS, BOBL, WAZZUB, etc.), so please choose it wisely as once created it cannot be changed. From today onward you will have ONE username for the whole Unicorn Network!

Step 5: For security purposes (for instance, if you no longer have access to your primary email address), enter a secondary email address. If you do not have a secondary email at this time, simply click the link “I HAVE NO SECOND EMAIL ADDRESS”. You can always complete it later.

Once you’re done, click the GO button.

Step 6: Stay up to date with our newsletters. Simply choose the newsletter topics of your liking (OPT IN/OPT OUT), then click GO once again.

Step 7: Do you have a PERFECTBONUS card? If yes, enter your card number and confirm it. Why do they ask for it? Because by entering the 16-digit card number, you will be able to get special offers and exclusive bonuses from existing and future Bonus Partners.


Step 8: Once you have either entered your PerfectBonus Card number or clicked that you have no PerfectBonus Card, you will see the following screen:

Congratulations, you are now a confirmed Unicorn member!!! 😉