WAZZUB Webinar Recap (August 30, 2012)



– The “Take the Tour” function will soon be available in your language, whilst geo targeting will deliver different content to visitors based on their location.

– “Madvertising“, our very own advertising network (like google adwords, but better), will enable advertisers, publishers and resellers to “make their profits go crazy”.

I Bet U Lose is also about to go live over the next couple of weeks. Particularity of the concept? You can bet 10 cents or your deal points to win $1 000 000!!! Vote for your favorite games that you have played in the community polls. The winners with the top votes will be the games we play to win!

– While “I Deal Smarter” is still in beta testing, things keep getting better and better! Make sure you check it out over the weekend as we are going to have some really great deals just for our members.

– Last but not least, see how great PI is doing compared to Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook by going to your “PI Profile” and clicking on the comparison link right above your ref links. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed in order to see the page. You can download it for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader.

General Webinar Short Recap (August 8, 2012)

A huge thank you to Amer for putting all this together! 🙂 Definitely the Power of “We”! 😉


We have 6 more days to increase our Deal Factor. This is going to be huge for many people who take advantage of this opportunity! You will be able to spend your Deal Points for all products and services sold on any of our PI Galaxy websites, including our newest star to be debuted, Shobbit, where you can buy anything from guitars to clothes! All for free using your deal Points!

Remember our Deal Factors will be going away on Aug 15th. We will be getting monthly installments of Deal Points depending on our Deal Factors. For all members who join after Aug 15th you will receive 1 Deal Point for each new member. Those Deal Points will not go away unless you spend them, but they will not be given back to you monthly like your Deal Factor-based Deal Points will be.

So get out there and share PrizeMania, we have had winners of the other prizes, but no one has won the jackpot which is now growing to over $2,200! Your free PI lottery! Let them know they can download a free ebook from EEBOOX every single week, just for being a member. And for a limited time they can earn monthly Deal Points just for sharing our great PI Galaxy with all their family and friends! Just some of the ways PI rewards its members for spreading the Power of “We” around the world!

Starting on August 16th or 17th you will be able to spend your Deal Points across any site in our PI Galaxy. Keep your eyes on the PI News every day for all the news releases and features.

We have a new tool bar at the top of your PI Homepage to choose your preferred languages, with more than 14 different languages to help our members and more coming soon. This is just the beginning, eventually all the pages will be translated into different languages so you can browse your PI in many languages.

We now also have chat across the whole of our websites, so you can chat with your family friends while playing a game and they can go shopping! All at the same time. Our whole PI Galaxy linked together in communication! A PI exclusive!

Our Email service, Mailaxy, is ready and will be opening soon. Send your emails in privacy and security and get the catchy name you always wanted for your email address!

Have a great week everyone and invite as many people as you can for the next 6 days to take full advantage of your monthly Deal Points! Remember, starting on August 16th or 17th you will be able to spend your Deal Points across any site in our PI Galaxy. Keep your eyes on the PI News every day for all the new releases and features.

Webinar Video

PI Galaxy video

NB: @ALL If you are getting errors after logging into PI when you choose a language, please log out, clean your cookies, cache and history, then open your web browser and go to https://www.perfectinter.net/login.php and for the time being DO NOT SELECT any language until we get the issue fixed. This will at least allow you to use your PI page while you are waiting for it to be fixed.

You  need to clean the cookies and turn off the pc and restart again, and if it does not work, use another browser.

It’s better not to use the language button until glitches are solved.

To clear your cookies and cache, please do the following: Click on tools, then on internet options. Once you see the browsing history, click the delete option. Hope this helps! 😉

July 26, 2012 WAZZUB Webinar Recap (VIDEO)

Webinar Recap (Video)


– We are right on track for our final launch on August 1, 2012. Launch time will most probably take place a little before 11:59 PM Pacific time.

– Gee introduces PI’s latest Star: Mailaxy, our very own mail server. Welcome to the spam-free galaxy!

NB: Please go to the WAZZUB community “Polls” page, and choose the email domain you would prefer for your New Mailaxy email. You have a choice between the following: