WSS Members: Please Upload Proof of Identity


If you are a “We Share Success” member (WSS) you are requested to upload your Proof of Identity ASAP (final deadline is February 28, 2015)!

NB: All WSS accounts with no proof of identity will be deleted on March 1st (2015)!

Why is it required to upload your Proof of Identity? Because it is compulsory by law!

Bottom line is if you want to have your Free shares confirmed and to receive those Free shares, or any benefits from those Free shares you must upload POI on your WSS profile; so do it as soon as you can! This includes all PIFMs if you want to retain those Free shares.

Here’s how to upload your Proof of Identity:

1. Go to the We Share Success website and log in.

2. You will see a new box that says “UPLOAD PROOF OF IDENTITY“. Click on the red “UPLOAD” button!

3. Choose a Proof of Identity (passport, drivers licence, ID…) from your computer, confirm with your WSS password and click on “Upload”.

You can upload in jpeg, PNG, and also pdf (Adobe) format. Read the instructions. If your POI has two sides or you need to upload more information it must all be on one upload. For instance if your ID has your Picture on the front, but your address on the back, scan or copy both sides and put them on one document such as a pdf file and then upload it.

4. Once your POI has been accepted, you will get a confirmation message (YOUR POI HAS BEEN UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY), as shown in the picture below!

==> Note that the prelaunch of WSS will close on February 19, so there is very little time to invite new members and collect free shares! In other words, make the most of what you have and pass this message along to those you’ve invited!

Thanks! 😉